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Industry & Economy in Israel
Industry and Economy in Israel – Thousands of data from the areas of high-tech, economy & industry, law, science, biotechnology and medicine, agriculture, housing and construction and more were gathered for Industry and Economy in Israel.

The book gives a comprehensive overview of Israel’s global achievements.
Among the additional subjects included in the book: key figures in high-tech and economy, data and diagrams, as well as profiles of leading companies in the Israeli economy.

Dozens of authors participated in writing this book, among them leading figures in economy and industry, scientists, inventors, journalists, and experts from various fields, among them: 

Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister;
Benjamin Netanyahu, Former Minister of Finance; 
Shaul Mofaz, Former Minister of Defense;  
Shraga Brosh, President, Manufactures' Association of Israel;
Dr. Eli Opper, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor; 
Uriel Lin, President of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce;  
Elisha Yanay, Chairman of the Israel Association of Electronics & Information Industries;
David Artzi, President of the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute;   
Nehemia Shtrasler, Senior Editor on Issues of Economy and Society;  
Zvi Stepak, Meitav Group's CEO;

Industry & Economy in Israel
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Israel Directory
The book ISRAEL DIRECTORY describes the extraordinary achievements attained by Israel citizens and the areas in which Israel is a leader among nations.
The book includes concise summaries of 200 key terms and events in Israel’s history, other important information about the country, and profiles of selected companies and institutions, which provide a fascinating overview of Israel’s industry, economy, and society. 
This elegant hardcover book is printed on glossy (coated) paper, and include 1,000 pictures.
The books ISRAEL DIRECTORY is a useful tool for learning about Israel and its prominent figures, and together with the book ISRAEL 2000, constitutes the largest documentation project ever published in Israel.


Israel Directory
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Israel 2000
ISRAEL 2000 is an elegant book that contains tens of thousands of pieces of information about Israel in the year 2000, and introduces the reader to the country’s scenery, culture, education, economics, science and industry.
Besides its comprehensive informative chapters, the book also provides expert analyses about Israel and the challenges it faces in the security and peace area.
60 writers – key figures and experts from various fields – contributed articles and data to the book ISRAEL 2000, including Israel former PM Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres, former US President Bill Clinton, US National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Abraham H. Foxman, prominent leaders of Jewish communities throughout the world, former Mayor of Jerusalem Teddy Kollek, former Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Jacob A. Frenkel, and many other distinguished persons.

The articles discuss a wide range of subjects: Industry, high-tech, economy, peace and security, history, society, immigration and absorption, education, demography, science, tourism, communications, etc.
Format: hardcover, glossy paper, 464 p., and over 1,000 pictures and illustrations.


Israel 2000
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